Al Khaleej Medical Center

Because our interest in you and your trust in us is the basis of our development, the Gulf Medical Complex has provided various high-quality medical services and health care that are in line with the civilized development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

يحتوي المجمع على عيادات طبية متخصصة ترقى إلى أعلى المستويات بالإضافة إلى مختلف الخدمات الطبية المساندة للعيادات مثل المختبر العام وأقسام الأشعة و الصيدلية.|”:

We Care From Heart :)

Our Message

Providing advanced treatment plans at a reasonable cost that are within the reach of all beneficiary parties while maintaining the required quality and level.

Our Vision

We seek to be one of the leading medical centers that provide excellent and quick service under the umbrella of health insurance, and we effectively influence the health insurance market with our high technology and qualified medical staff.

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