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لأن اهتمامنا بكم وثقتكم بنا هو أساس تطورنا فقد قام مجمع الخليج الطبى بتقديم مختلف الخدمات الطبية والرعاية الصحية المتميزة ذات الجودة العالية منذ عام 1999 حتى الان نتطور بكم لكي نتماشى مع التطور الحضاري في المملكة العربية السعودية .

The complex contains specialized medical clinics of the highest standards, in addition to various medical services that support clinics, such as the general laboratory, radiology departments and pharmacy.

The clinics are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment, with great care for medical sterilization of devices and tools, where there is a special section that handles the sterilization process.

The specialized medical and support staff provide all treatment services that are dealt with in a special and confidential manner, in a manner similar to the globally applied treatment methods.

ولنكمل ما وصلنا إليه فقد قمنا بإنشاء موقع الخليج الطبى ليكون نافذة لعالم من النصائح والأخبار الطبية التي تفيد كل متصفح، ، إضافة إلى طرح كل ما هو جديد في المجال الطبي.

Our Message

Providing advanced treatment plans at a reasonable cost that are within the reach of all beneficiary parties while maintaining the required quality and level.

Our Vision

We seek to be one of the leading medical centers that provide excellent and quick service under the umbrella of health insurance, and we effectively influence the health insurance market with our high technology and qualified medical staff.

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