Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

The center has made sure that the obstetrics and gynecology department is equipped with the latest equipment such as ultrasound, fetal heart rate chart, and others.

The clinics also provide the following services:

  • متابعة الحمل وحالات الحمل الحرج
  • Treatment of gynecological diseases and the initiative to detect tumors.
  • Treatment of recurrent miscarriages.
  • Assisted reproduction and treatment of infertility Baden God.
  • Follow-up ovulation with the latest ultrasound equipment.
  • Tests for girls before marriage.
  • Treating girls' diseases before marriage
  • Follow-up pregnancy with the latest ultrasound equipment.
  • Treatment of hormonal imbalance in girls before marriage.
  • Treating gynecological infections.
  • Monitor pregnancy and its complications.
  • IUD installation.
  • Smear work from the cervix.
  • The work of a culture of the vagina.
  • Detecting gynecological diseases such as tumors

Department Doctors

د /داليا خضير

Dr. Dalia Khudair

Ob/Gynae Specialist

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