Medical Laboratory

The department includes many sub-sections that work in full integration to serve patients, including:

Patient Reception and Sampling Section:

It includes a special section for receiving women and drawing samples from them, with complete independence for each section from the other, where blood samples are drawn in a safe and comfortable manner thanks to the highly trained and technical staff in this field.

Hematology Department:

It is a department that is equipped with the latest equipment and devices that operate automatically such as an automated blood count device and a photocopy device, which helps in early detection and follow-up of hereditary and acquired blood diseases such as anemia, blood tumors and sickle cell diseases.

Department of Biochemistry:

The department contains the latest devices such as the automatic analysis device and other auxiliary devices that give the most accurate results and the largest number of tests that help diagnose and monitor patients, including routine blood chemistry such as sugar, cholesterol, lipids and organ functions, as well as specific blood chemistry for cancerous diseases for early detection of cancer and blood hormones Which helps in diagnosing diseases of the glands of all kinds.

Microbiology Department:

It includes several units, including the Parasitology Department, the Microbiology Department, and the Serology Department. It contains all the necessary equipment for direct operation by isolating organisms that cause disease and indirect methods for detecting disease-causing agents and organisms such as “AIDS, leishmaniasis, malaria, toxoplasma and others.”

We were keen to provide the laboratory with the latest technologies and equipment and to be a pioneer in this in the Kingdom. The laboratory performs all the analyzes and examinations:

  • عدد الدم الكلي و النوعي عن طريق Sysmex xp-300
  • اجراء تحاليل الهرمونات بجهاز الميني فيداس والامراض الفيروسية والمناعية بجهاز Evolis
  • All examinations of pregnant women and newborns.
  • Various programs for comprehensive examination for men, women and children.

Performing all other analyzes such as liver, kidney, heart function, sugar, blood fats, and others.

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