General Medicine - Emergency and Accident Department

ويعمل هذا القسم على مدار 16 ساعة يوميا بكوادر طبية وتمريضية متدربة ومتخصصة لاستقبال جميع أنواع الحالات الطارئه بشتى صورها، وقد ألحق بالقسم سيارة إسعاف حديثة للتعامل مع نقل الحالات المرضية الطارئه مجهزة بأجهزة مراقبة الاكسجين والتنفس الاصطناعي المتنقلة وأجهزة الشفط متنقلة وجهاز الصدمات الكهربائيه واسطوانات أكسجين وغيرها

The doctors of this department have the full authority to summon the doctors of the complex in all their specialties to examine and treat any sick cases that refer to the department and need any additional specialized medical advice.

Section includes

A special section for first aid for men and a separate section for ambulance for women and children

Each section is equipped with the latest beds for emergency patients in addition to modern medical equipment.

Doctors in the General Medicine Department treat all emergency cases such as abdominal pain, colic, acute asthmatic crises and treat digestive and respiratory diseases.

Treating all kinds of minor wounds, such as suturing and opening the abscess, which does not require full sedation, first aid, and treatment of burn cases.

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